Prosecutors said the officer Baimadajie Angwang told Chinese consulate officials that he could provide sensitive information about the internal operations of the Police Department

Baimadajie Angwang, pictured, a community affairs cop for the 111th Precinct in Queens, reported to a Chinese consulate official in the city since 2018, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in Brooklyn Federal Court. (NYC Police Benevolent Association / Facebook)

Federal prosecutors on Monday charged an NYC police officer by acting as an illegal agent of the Chinese administration, telling him of providing wisdom about Tibetans living within the USA to officers in the consulate.


He’s functioned as a patrol officer and now functions as a liaison between the Police Department and town at the 111th precinct at Queens.

A 25-page criminal complaint unsealed in federal court in Brooklyn accused Mr. Angwang of reporting to the actions of cultural Tibetans at NY at the behest of Chinese police officers, that have been wanting to sponsor intelligence resources locally. ( According To NYTimes )

Mr. Angwang additionally told that a Chinese consulate officer that his stance was invaluable for China because he can offer sensitive information in regards to the internal operations of their Police Department, ” the complaint said.

Legal counsel for Mr. Angwang failed to immediately answer your request for comment. The Police Department said Mr. Angwang was suspended .

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Mr. Angwang can also be part of the Army Reserve, where he also holds the position of staff sergeant and also has a “covert”-level security clearance, that enables him access to classified information, prosecutors said.

Produced in China,” Mr. Angwang initially traveled into the USA to a cultural exchange plan and after sought asylum. He maintained he was detained and tortured mainland China due to his Tibetan ethnicity,”

in accordance with the complaint. Mr. Angwang’s brother and parents reside in southern China. His parents have been members of the Communist Party, along with his dad is a retired person in the military, ” the complaint said.

Tibet, an autonomous region in China, was a flashpoint in U.S.-China connections for many years. Beijing considers Tibet to be a portion of its ancient empire,

but many Tibetans believe that the spot was incorporated into China in 1951 and also have pushed for liberty.

The Chinese administration has viewed the Tibetan freedom movement being a threat to its own stability ( According to nbcnewyork )

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