Dmitry Rogozin, director-general of the Russian space agency, said the 2nd planet from the sun is a ‘Russian planet’, as the former Soviet Union landed a probe on Venus decades ago

Dmitry Rogozin, director general of the Russian space agency, said venus is a ‘Russian planet’ / Credit: Dotted Yeti _ Shutterstock

“The spacecraft gathered details regarding our earth — it really is similar to hell around.” We feel that Venus can be just a Russian planet,” he also added.

The Soviet-era Venera application was created to understand more about our planet Venus, which many investigators believe that was habitable in its own remote past.

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Even the Venera program, which continued between 1961 and 1984, watched quite a few accomplishments, for example, a delicate landing on Earth on Dec. 15, 1970 (Venera 7), and also the earliest of its own kind.

The opinions from Rogozin come only days after NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said our entire world is “only remain within our hunt forever “

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Now, we’re on the cusp of discoveries which will inform us about the chance of life outside the planet earth,”

Bridenstine said in an announcement issued weekly. A week ago, new research in a global group of astronomers demonstrated the discovery of an uncommon receptor, phosphine, at the oceans of Venus.

The scientists also noticed that, on the planet, the petrol is just made industrially or from germs which flourish in oxygen-free surroundings.


The study, headed by Professor Jane Greaves at Cardiff University at the U.K., has been declared by the Royal Astronomical Society and printed in the journal Nature Astronomy.

Additionally, Bridenstine demonstrated that the space agency is considering two of those four Discovery assignments which are going to soon be selected next year which can be suggested assignments to Venus.”

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One is centered on understanding its air and the other one is dedicated to understanding Venus’ cultural heritage,” Bridenstine added.

NASA is partnering with Europe on a second projected Venus assignment named EnVision, according to Bridenstine. Foxnews has reached outside to Roscosmos and NASA using a petition for comment.

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It’s likely too hot to support life, however, NASA has said that it plans to learn more about Earth.

Back in July, researchers unmasked the Venus has not exactly 40 active volcanoes on its surface.

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Separately in July, numerous investigators contended that visiting the next planet from the Solar System might have benefits to get a manned mission to Mars. In overdue 2019,”

NASA said that it had been working onto a stingray-like spacecraft to learn more about our entire world, which includes more volcanoes than any celestial body in the Solar System.

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