Among Us Game is Trending On Twitter Today, Downloads on Steam and mobile are soaring for the 2-year-old indie game, Among Us earned 18.4 million mobile downloads in August

Indie game One of Us has burst in popularity recently. About Steam, One of Us can also be among the very well-known games on the stage, also 268,000 players are active.

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That is even though the match not really being new. In reality, it’s just two years of age. One of Us was launched in 2018 by InnerSloth and is still really a multiplayer game.

1. Among Us Revolution

Four to ten players choose the function of space ship team members finding your way through death. But a couple of players at the party are assigned the use of alien imposters.

The imposters’ aims would be to kill and framework crew members, sabotage the boat and do everything without becoming captured. One of Us stocks an identical set to some other popular real-life party matches such as Werewolf and Mafia.

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Twitch streamers have been credited for spreading the fantastic word about One of Us. The multiplayer party game is extremely popular on the stage and since a category,

has 247,000 audiences, which puts it before other popular titles such as Fortnite along with Minecraft.

We may even thank One of Us memes who have bombarded Twitter and Reddit in generating the internet interested in the game.

InnerSloth additionally announced that One of Us two is at the works, however, the team has not put a release date yet. The business said that its objective is to create a sequel which may resist expansion,

since as a result of how the existing One of Us is manufactured, it’s “excessively tough to incorporate more things without breaking up existing things”

One of Us two may keep the heart gameplay of crew-mates versus imposters, however, the programmers aim to tweak team accounts, improve match-making, and add extra moderation.

In addition, they expect to increase new characters, but can not confirm any time.

2. Among Us Game Trending

Source: Twitter

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  1. Probably because of the Henry Stickmin Collection, it’s release was around the same time Among Us gained a lot of popularity, and that got boosted even more because Youtubers and streamers started playing/streaming it.

  2. Have people been just keeping up with the game or has there been something to spark popularity?

    I ask because as seen above, my friends on steam are playing it all of a sudden and it’s getting a surge of viewership on twitch even though it was released 2 years ago and prior to this week I had never heard of the game.


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