UFC superstar Conor McGregor has broken his silence in a worrying Twitter message that stated he was crushed following his arrest in France for an alleged sexual assault which has been denied

Conor McGregor / Credit: Keith J Finks _ Shutterstock

Conor-McGregor has said he “can not carry on like this” at a fearing upgrade on Twitter. He’s been interviewed and published “


The 32-year-old has broken his silence having a collection of currently deleted comments on societal networking by which he said he could be trying hard to remain strong because of his loved ones, that’ll worry his assistants.

Conor McGregor has spent time with his family on a luxury yacht since retiring (Image: Instagram)

The discussion came after a post had wrongly referred to this UFC icon as English, after that a Twitter user wrote: “They could possess him. The BBC is right, and ” he could be English.”

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McGregor said in reply:”[You work-in ] suicide intervention nonetheless [you’re ] ridiculing me this fashion on the web, in this dreadful period in my own life.”

I’m trying to remain strong for my children as well as the people who rely on me personally and love and encourage me.

Thank you to your insults, hypocrite.”I can not carry on like this guy. I’m beaten here”

The worrying tweet was quickly deleted by Conor McGregor (Image: Twitter)

As stated by the AFP news bureau, the Irishman has been detained and taken into custody after an incident at the weekend.

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An announcement by the prosecutor read: “After a complaint filed on September 10 denouncing acts which would possibly be clarified as sexual assault and sensual exhibit,

Mr. Conor Anthony Mac Gregor [sic] was that the main topic of a hearing loss by the authorities “This came later McGregor shared pictures of himself onto a yacht is family,

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where time he had been seen by USADA testers even though his retirement in UFC earlier this past year.

Source: Dailymail

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