The apparent find after, made by extraterrestrial investigator and YouTuber Scott C Waring who doing ufo sighting, shows a strange, triangular-shaped object in the sea close to the eastern coast of the island

Is There Alien life in Earth? (Image: Google Earth)

An amateur sleuth asserts to have discovered that a mysterious Space Ship from the shore of Greenland on Google earth.


Scott C Waring, a YouTuber, and aliens shared with the graphic of everything he said in an early alien boat suspended into a slough off the east shore of the town.

He maintained the alien craft was shown by the melting ice sheets. As stated by the Waring, google earth shows the triangular-shaped thing is approximately 68m wide.

Writing on his web site, Scott wrote: “I discovered that a triangle UFO which has been attached with an iceberg floating away from Greenland today.”I used GoogleEarth maps to believe it is.

An amateur sleuth claims to have found evidence of an alien ship on Google Earth (Image: Google Earth)

The ruler over the map says that the UFO is 6-8 meters round.”It is likely that this UFO dropped into Earth millions of years ago and got buried under a glacier that melted slowly and gradually,

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falling fragments of itself into the sea” He moved on: “The dark line on the other side of the cockpit area is quite obvious and shows that this really is just a craft, not really a coincidence.”

The ‘find’ was made off the east coast of Greenland (Image: Google Earth)

The bottoms of this craft are totally equal and slightly curved off. “This triangle craft resembles that there is ice, but apparently it melted and the negative regions of ice remain attached with it”

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Scott, that also conducts the YouTube station ET database, asserted to have left the find Sunday, September 13.

The youtuber sleuth said the ship had been revealed by the melting of an ice berg (Image: Google Earth)

Opinions in his video, published yesterday were mixed, together with just one YouTuber audience composing: Wonderful! Someone should look it over!”

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But, another commenter wrote: “I believe in aliens yet that really is this kind of hit, the federal government wouldn’t let something like this be detected, and people who live there may find it rather easily.”

Before, he’s made a set of bizarre claims about potential items he considers are mysterious crafts or tech.

A week ago, Scott shared with a video revealing a “UFO shifting contour” since it circulates in the evening sky.

Even though Scott was convinced that the brief clip revealed”just two UFOs” from the skies, other audiences pointed it may only have been sampling.

Source: Dailymail

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