A helicopter has been called in to help local fire crews battling a wildfire on the north side of Burnaby Mountain, and Burnaby’s air quality poses a high risk to health today

Wildfire burning Burnaby Mountain _ Credit: ZoranOrcik / Shutterstock

A helicopter was called in to help local fire crews fighting a wildfire across the northside of Burnaby Mountain.


Younger stated the wildfire, burning the brush at the bottom of trees, has been roughly 500 to 600 feet around and growth of about 3 p.m.

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“It has taken us nearly an hour or so to work out where it had been burning off. Crews have told him that the fire seems to have begun below a tree .”

they don’t really know whether it’s really a camp for somebody who’s displaced or whether or not it is really a kiddies’ tree,” Younger said.

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He explained that a helicopter having a wildfire team was discharged from Chilliwack.”They will probably fly across the flame and check, and they’ll land up here to people and so they’ll rappel from above,” Younger said.

Meanwhile, the Burnaby firefighters happen to be rappelling to the flame from hiking and above up from underneath to combat the blaze, he explained.”

Together with these warm-weather states, you must be quite careful,” Younger said.

Source: burnabynow / CBC.CA

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