Sgt Maj Thomas Patrick Payne Real story behind Medal of Honor recipient led a team and risked his life to rescue hostages in Iraq and here’s all you need to know about him and the special operation

Sgt Major Thomas Patrick Payne / (WikiCommons)

Payne may be your earliest surviving Delta Force member ever before to get the best military decoration.


On the 19th anniversary of those 9/11 strikes, Payne was offered the prestigious trophy. If you’re wondering who’s Payne, we have you covered.

Payne continues to be set up 17 days to combat zones while functioning as an associate of the 75th Ranger Regiment as well as at a variety of places using the US Army Special Operations Command.

He had been admired because of his role from the October 22, 2015, assignment where he along with his troop risked their own lives attempting to rescue hostages that were put to be implemented by Islamic Condition militants in Iraq.

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Before honoring Payne together with all the decoration, Trump praised Payne along with his remarkable achievements, calling him”one of the sexiest guys anywhere in the planet”.”

‘Now he unites the sweetest business of the most honored American personalities. Payne was followed closely with his wife Alison and his son at the service.

At the night of October 22, 2015,” Payne was assigned to lead a team to get clearing a few of both buildings at which hostages were understood to be hauled, at night operation from the Northern Iraq state of Kirkuk.

The raid became insecure and complicated once the Allied forces that were serving the US soldiers attempted to burst a hole at the building’s chemical wall.

Alas, the chemical didn’t break but were able to awake that the IS-IS militants, who began firing in the Allied forces.

Payne, who had been a sergeant first class during some time of this assignment, increased the wall to put in the chemical, together side his or her unit.

The soldiers immediately began clearing a few of those buildings. They used bolt cutters to break off the locks the prison doors and also Free-D 38 hostages.

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Right after clearing out the first construction, the troop received a radio call from one different taskforce members at the next construction, that were participated in a powerful gunfight.

Payne and Wheeler quickly hurried to the 2nd construction, which has been part of the flame. Wheeler was regrettably shot dead.

The team climbed the ladder up and reached the first story of this construction and cut the guards freed the hostages.

Payne re-entered the burning construction two to be certain all the hostages were rescued. An overall total of 70 hostages was stored and 20 IS-IS fighters were killed in the surgery.

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