Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow is remembering the late actor on his 47th birthday, Fast and Furious star who died in a 2013 car crash and fans get emotional

Paul Walker and his Daughter Meadow / Credit: Instagram

On Saturday the 21-year-old shared with a photograph of her late dad out of if she was a toddler.” the minute I realized we have been twins.


The emotional tribute triggered an outpouring of messages out of her followers, that remembered The Furious celebrity, that perished in an auto accident in November 2013 at age 40.

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Lady Jordana Brewster commented: “probably the beautiful.”Meadow, a version, also said in yet another Insta-gram article she would be honoring her dad’s birthday with her “annual do good battle”.

Sharing an image of herself and a buddy, she wrote: “My friendships would be my base. They truly are my family members.

Tell friends and family you like them and admit them for standing with you no matter what,” before labeling other people on Insta-gram and inviting them to”talk about a random act of kindness”.

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Paul Walker Daughter Posted On IG

Back in April, the celebrity’s daughter, that keeps her daddy’s heritage alive throughout the paul-walker Foundation, additionally represented on her memories together with him Instagram, where she’s shared previously hidden footage of Walker.

From the clip, a Meadow may be seen sudden her dad on his birthday with exploding to what looks like his bedroom, even prompting him to state while giggling: “You simply scared the hell out of me” I never thought I would talk about this.

However, it felt. Be good. I enjoy you. Keep safe. Xx,” Meadow re-writing the clip. She shared with a throwback photo of Walker together with his own hair tied to pony-tails in might,

captioning the photo “This sort of sun is challenging to get, my very best friend forever.”

Meadow spent the majority of her youth living in Hawaii with her mum Rebecca Soteros. He had been proud of her,” he told Folks.


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