A “fast-moving UFO” was captured flying through the skies from a passenger plane traveling over Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, US, with conspiracy theorists saying the video is a sign of aliens

Mysterious UFO Object sightings / Credit: Ursatii _ Shutterstock

A weird video seems to demonstrate a glistening thing sifting through the heavens next to some passenger plane that’s taking removed against the town of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.


From the clip, captured from in the plane, the silver silhouette zips together at a certain rate in a flat trail.”What’s that?” Says a girl from the backdrop.

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The weird footage has been listed by Mariah Lyn and it has sparked disagreement after getting uploaded into this paranormal Youtube station The Hidden under-belly 2.0 at which it was portrayed as a”fast-moving UFO“.

Narrating the video, the YouTuber says: “For me personally, this thing appeared to be traveling pretty fast.

“Plus it looked metallic as well as non-meat, nearly similar to your flying saucer.”He says that it had been filmed soon after takeoff at approximately 11:20 is on August 20.

The weird ‘dome-shaped UFO’ appears to move very fast (Image: Hidden Underbelly 2.0)

“This item does not seem like a drone, but it doesn’t seem like a plane, after all, there aren’t any wings, you’ll find nothing whatsoever,”

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the conspiracy theorist says. Many audiences agreed that the thing was mysterious in source and said it had been a”real” catch.

“I have seen those often occasions, they may frequently be found hanging around clouds,” commented one.

An additional person said: “It is almost redundant to mention fantastic footage from 2020 but vibrant footage” IMO [within my own opnion] that really is 100% true footage,”

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said the other viewer, adding that the thing seems to be more”moving far faster compared to commercial air traffic”.

This includes after planetary defenses seen a”UFO” hurtling towards Earth — however it was NASA relic.

Source: Dailymail

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