The revelations came days after the girl’s allegations of sexual abuse against her mother’s boyfriend get viral with an online campaign and people start to stand with sophia video

Stand with Sophie / Sophie, nine, from Texas is pictured with her father Michael, who is trying to regain custody after a video went viral showing Sophie say that her mother’s fiance sexually abuses her (facebook)

The lady allegedly wrote in her diary which her mum, Kelly Marie Mitton, would frequently pit against her father, also”compelled me to say sorry for adoring him” A video shared with the kid stepmother started the effort a week named #StandWithSophie that will help the small girl detect justice.”


My mom said that my dad just loves himself and does not love me and left me say sorry for adoring him” the lady wrote in her personal diary, entrances which were shared with Sophie’s family with YouTuber Annie Elise.

But an extended and bitter divorce battle to his or her three kids, Sophie, along with also two boys, ensued at that time.

The custody of their three kids was equally divided between your parents, nevertheless, since the association between Michael and Kelly worsened judge awarded Kelly only custody of their kids.

Recently, a video shared with Sophie’s step-mother Kourtney Chalmers revealed that the child cried for assistance because she shared with her grandmother she’d been mistreated by Kelly’s boyfriend.

Elise in her tradition on Wednesday, September 9, shared multiple diary entries she maintained were compiled by Sophie, for example, one where the lady apparently found bud in a pub, also spoke of her mum becoming drunk and fighting with her boyfriend, Jake Bellington.

“I had been snooping through my mom and Mr. Jake’s closer and figure what I came across, greenish-brown flakes at a container with a milder adjacent to it.

As one other added: “My mom is still yelling and crying from the space, I moved in and she cried at top of straight and lungs up wrapped off the bed.

I believe she had been drunk, so they moved outside the evening, so she had been attempting to get Mr. Jake however she struck him in the face” Mentioning yet another struggle between her mum and Bellington, your ex supposedly wrote: “Here we go yet another struggle.

Mr. Jake was crying telling me that my mom is actually a dreadful man or woman, it turned out to be an entire mad thing.

I was scared so that I attracted Mowgli into my own room, the authorities got called advertising really sick and tired with that.

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Mr. Jake snatched Mowgli out in the hands, the baby nearly collapsed, ” he killed his baby without any reason. At the close of the, I knew all of the curse words.

Mr. Jake chose Mowgli and had been driving like he had been drunk and my mom took it had been such as a car pursuit running red lights swirling around calling authorities all temples of things we nearly crashed. This has been a crazy time.

“Even the YouTuber, that calls herself a legitimate offense addict and fashion forecaster, at a previous tradition, had promised that Sophie was supposedly afflicted by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and she regularly goes to a state of catatonia for several moments on end due to her alleged protracted abuse.

Even a Go-Fund-Me page, setup by Chalmers, maintained that Sophie has said a lot of times she was a target of molestation, dressing, along with national violence in her mother’s home.

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“Sophie, 9 yrs of age, has revealed she was subjected to domestic violence, sexual abuse, & of late molestation/rape within her main residence.

Her dad is fighting with her own life while her abusers tug every source to receive their hands back.

The biological mommy, as stated by Sophie, is also part of this sexual abuse and also can be supporting it,” the periodical said. Chalmers explained that the girl’s dad had spent countless dollars as June fighting Sophie, however, the ordeal has lasted.

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