A weird clip from a Netflix documentary appears to show a frisbee-shaped object flying in the sky behind a plane in San Angelo, Texas. Conspiracy theorists said it is a “flying saucer UFO”

UFO sighting? A fast disc-shaped object passes by a small plane (Image: YouTube / Hidden Underbelly 2.0)

Mysterious footage by your Netflix documentary appears to demonstrate a disc-shaped object sifting through the heavens behind a plane.


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However, from the backdrop, the following thing looks and seems to trickle in the opposite way, liberally visible above the wing.

As it had been uploaded on YouTube by conspiracy-theory station The Hidden under-belly 2.0, the clip was observed more than 3,500 days and ignited a lively argument.

A stunned audience composed: “Person who looked as though you already said a flying saucer. Much like Roswell saucer.

One believer composed: “Wonderful, lots of UFOs traveling around Earth so fast, we Earthlings only put a little percent.”super-cool….

man that you need to be fast to grab a number of them UFOs/UAPs,” said a 3rd proud audience.

Many individuals were cynical and strove to indicate more mundane motives for its oddity, with various folks imagining it might have only been a drone.

“Can this be described as a camera drone flying near the airplane? It’s undoubtedly strange whatever the instance,” commented another one.

An additional said “Motion endangered bird for sure”

Thanking” Koby Klar” for its find, YouTuber The Hidden under-belly 2.0 said the footage is at Episode 5 of this documentary at the 43:18 markers.

Source: Dailymail

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