Reddit user “katL22” said she heard a sound whispering the name “Georgie” when she was up in the kitchen making a milk bottle for her baby at 3 am. Viewers pointing out the similarities to the It film Pennywise

A mum was convinced that she heard a sound whispering ‘Georgie’ to her in the middle of the night (Image: Reddit/katL22)

A homeowner knows that the security camera recorded the noise of a nightmare-inducing clown at the dead of the night time.


Her video indicates the opinion of her family area and two marginally opened doors. One leads to your kitchen at which a whisper seems to come out of.

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A couple of thumps are available prior to a noise that appears to murmur: “Georgie.”The smoothness of Georgie comprises prominently inside it after being assaulted by antagonist Pennywise the Clown.

The consumer composed in this article: “Can someone else hear something said about my camera? She stressed that most other relatives were sleeping and that she had been the sole who had been awake at around 3.30 am.

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“I think my home is haunted even as we’ve already been hearing strange sounds all of the time and visiting darkness, things being moved around,” she added.

The odd sighting was recorded on the very first night she put the camera up while she had been at your kitchen making her baby a jar.

“It seemed, absolutely such as Georgie — by the picture IT,” one wrote.

Pennywise IT / Credit: Stasia04 _ Shutterstock

Still another one comment: “I discovered it. Perhaps It’s Penny-wise? Haha Nah but that’s pretty freaky!”

One said: “3 being notable as with more paranormal adventures for a certain reason. It’d unquestionably be fantastic to grab more episodes before obtaining your house lucky or what are you”

Some attempted to categorize the sound and felt they discovered cabinet doors something”altered” or dropped off at the kitchen.

“I hear two thumps plus one which may seem like’Georgie’ however is somewhat likely something which dropped, rolling or shifting up,” a viewer.

Another added and agreed:” Yeah sounds such as a scratch or something turning “

Source: Dailymail

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