Cardi B responded to the Hodgetwins on Twitter after calling her offensively for interviewing Joe Biden, after she released whap music video

Cardi B / the Hodgetwins _ Credit: gersh / dlisted

The YouTube pair said that politics “isn’t her thing” and that she should stick to rap and striptease because that’s what she “is good at”.


However, Cardi countered the statement and responded on Twitter. Although she then deleted the tweet, the Hodgetwins called her again.

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Here’s all the drama explained!

Who are the Hodgetwins?

The Hodgetwins, comprised of Keith and Kevin Hodge, are popular YouTubers with over one million subscribers on each of their three YouTube channels – TheHodgetwins, TwinMuscle, and ConservativeTwins.

They are best known as fitness gurus on YouTube, but they’ve also branched out to create videos on entertainment, current affairs, and celebrity gossip.

The Virginia couple worked in the Marine Corps before starting their channel in 2008.

The Hodgetwins made a video on Cardi B

On August 19, the Hodgetwins posted a video on their ConservativeTwins channel entitled: “Cardi B interviewed Joe Biden. »

In this video, they called Cardi B for interviewing the presidential candidate and said: “Politics is not really your thing”.

They said:

“I think you should just rap. Rap and strip and keep your mouth shut. That’s your thing. That’s what you’re good at. You’re good at it. You should stick to show your body for men and stripping. And rapping, stick to that. You should stick to sexualizing women.

Then they go on to say that Biden should have “intellectuals” interviewing him, not Cardi B.

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Disappointed in you @iamcardib and @joebiden #TRUMP2020

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Cardi answered on Twitter

Cardi B then replied to the Hodgetwins’ youtube video, but then deleted the tweet after a while.

The Hodgetwins then posted a second video on their YouTube channel: “Cardi B responds to the Hodgetwins. »

The two men briefly feel sorry and apologized for being so hard on Cardi, then read her deleted tweet, in which she tried, unsuccessfully, to call what they had said.

She tweeted:

“Politics is actually my thing, you want to know why? Because I pay more taxes than both of you in your entire life, f * ckers combined together. Maybe if there had been a president who had made university education free, I wouldn’t have had to take my clothes off when I did, since you want to talk about my past. «

However, the Hodgetwins then objected to what she had said and called her again. They said that just because she pays more taxes doesn’t mean she knows more about politics, but simply that she makes more money.

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