Messi Agrees on Terms With Manchester City, But Bartomeu Prepared To Resign If He Stays, Reports Claim, The Argentinian, had already had tensions with his teammates and management

Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu is hugged by Lionel Messi / VIA GETTY IMAGES

FC Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu is now well prepared to resign if that is exactly what it requires to Lionel Messi perhaps not to depart from the giant club.


a study has promised, at precisely the exact same period that the captain has been supposed to have agreed on terms with Manchester City.

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As stated by TV3 at Catalonia, the under-fire figure”would accept resign and let his plank end the definition of”, while also calling fresh elections off that happen to be tipped for 15 March after the Huge fallout from the Blaugrana’s 8-2 losing in the Champions League quarter-finals against Bayern Munich.

TV3 keeps on that Bartomeu would just believe such a movement, but”if Messi openly claims that the predicament could be that the president” and he could be staying put.

“From the club, it’s believed that the gamer should convey why he would like to leave,” it really is farther added,

together with sports journalist Veronica Brunati separately saying on Twitter which Messi is the place to produce a statement about his future at the upcoming few hours Thursday afternoon.

From the moments that followed the aforementioned article, Brunati additionally alleged that Messi and also Manchester City reach a deal over the amounts regarding his own shock departure from FC Barcelona and also a turn into the premier league, but has deleted the tweet.

He plans to train on a clause into his contract which allows him to end at the conclusion of each season,

nonetheless, Barça competition it has recently expired with fresh athletic manager Ram-On Planes defiant at yesterday’s unveiling of young forward Francisco Trincao when hounded by the media .” we don’t think about any contingency plan,” Planes said.

“Messi’s union to Barça has contributed [parties] much, much joy and respect to those fans, and we are attempting to convince Messi, to find the perfect solution to get Barça and also for Messi. “Many think this to be Bartomeu’s departure.

Source: Forbes

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