The current unrest in Kenosha was vividly captured on Elijah Schaffer’s camera as rioters took to the streets and set the city ablaze in response to the Wisconsin shooting of black man Jacob Blake by a white cop

protest wisconsin shooting of black man Jacob Blake _ Credit: Hayk_Shalunts / Shutterstock

Even the present condition of unrest from Kenosha was captured on Schaffer’s camera since rioters took to the roads and also set the town ablaze in a reaction to the shooting of Jacob Blake, also a 29-year-old Dark man, with a way of a white cop across the weekend.


“HOLY SHHint #: while procuring this #BLM rioter at Kinosha [sic] he brings a true pistol and points it in my camera whilst describing exactly what we’d do to cops when they wrapped upon us now,”

Schaffer (Blaze reporter) submitted on Twitter alongside the video. “It has been some time since I have needed a gun pointed in my own if it had been only to earn a spot,”

he added. The shooting incident was mentioned as yet another case of excessive force used by authorities on a dark individual.

But, a study is underway and there are some conflicting reports on what really happened at the spectacle. His dad has shown he could be paralyzed down the waist as a consequence of the shooting.

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Meanwhile, the Schaffer ensured to share with you some series of videos about Twitter to demonstrate that the uncontrolled violence over the metropolis, together with rioters burning heaps of vehicles that are private together with being a youth correctional center.

The mad mob also destroyed your little firm construction which has been completely irrelevant to this shooting, and it later appeared.

“Did he just pull the trigger too? Sounds like it. Great trigger control from the terrorist,” conservative pundit Mark Dice tweeted.

“People should see this video to see how quickly police have to judge a situation or die,” another one tweeted.

Source: TheBlaze

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