Netflix apologizes for the “inappropriate” “Cuties” poster and people want to remove cuties trailer on youtube

Netflix Cuties movie / Credit: Netflix _ Shutterstock

Netflix issued an apology Thursday after tens of thousands signed a request requiring the immediate elimination of this controversial French film “Cuties” out of the streaming stage.


The movie, about an 11-year-old, that rebels against her loved ones and combines a”free-spirited dancing team,” is accused in the internet effort of sexualizing young girls” to the viewing pleasure of pedophiles.” On societal networking, individuals are calling for Netflix’s poster for your picture — which films its own four-star celebrities posing in outfits baring their legs along with midriffs –“disgusting,” upsetting” and”ill” Netflix has surfaced because of its own promotional materials but there aren’t any plans to trash the film, that can be set to introduction internationally on Sept. 9.

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“We are profoundly sorry for that improper art we employed for Mignonnes/Cuties,” Netflix said in an announcement Thursday morning. “It wasn’t alright, nor was it representative with the French movie that won an award at Sundance. We’ve updated the description and pictures “The initial storyline outline for”Cuties,” maintained through screen-shot in the request, introduced 11-year-old Amy, “who’s interested in a twerking dance team” and”starts to research her femininity.” The effort to delete that the name had gathered more than 49,000 signatures of Thursday afternoon, also Netflix’s apology didn’t go well with people that belief changing the poster and also synopsis isn’t enough.

At a new interview using Cineuropa, manager Maïmouna Doucouré clarified the inspiration for”Cuties,” that can be located simply on her childhood adventures, in addition to those of girls growing up now. “That really is the majority of an enthralling portrait of an 11-year-old girl dove into a weird universe that occupies a string of orders onto her behalf. It had been extremely important never to judge those girls, but primarily to comprehend them listen to these, to provide them with a voice, to take into consideration the sophistication of what it is that they’re alive through in society and most that in parallel using their youth that’s consistently there, their fanciful, their innocence”

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