Trey Songz Responds to Sexual-Assault Allegations on Twitter and Keke Palmer raised similar allegations against Trey Songz awhile ago and you can trey songz news and respond

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Trey Songz admits his name, even sharing receipts later getting accused of rapping on Celina Powell’s friend with no permission. In case you woke up this afternoon and wondered why Trey Songz was the anger social websites, it isn’t because he dropped several fresh kinds of music. Because you can see right now, the allegations can be extreme and the world wide web works using them, pointing into previous allegations made against him to depict him being an outsider.


“You are prepared to trust a bird,” Trey composed, to begin with his dawn exposing his conversation with the lady who enticed him. Which was not all he had to say,” he continued”I’m generally silent about this particular subject, however, that I believe in many ways that the movement to struggle for women that have endured abuse and harassment in various levels was hijacked by people that think it is suitable to allow them to return while they want to destroy somebody’s life. ” He moved onto share with you other women alleging he had mistreated them saying, “I push away her each moment, but after you experience an allegation, however far it surely weighs at the investigation, it just happened once and a few of it would be plausible from there forward. None of this happened. “

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He followed with an announcement about Jane Doe asserting she had been sexually attacked in Miami. She wants to cover on her therapy and the remainder of her school as a result of”all of the trauma she went .” Please read. “

Eventually, he ended on this particular. “You may choose 2 things that you may like. I’ve focused my energy and time good things and that I understand that the devil wants my spirit than ever before,” he also wrote. “I will put on my head and proceed. If you should be holding me in these minutes, I love it.

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