Montreal man Sofiane Ghazi ill spend at least 15 years in prison for killing his unborn baby while stabbing ex-wife

Sofiane Ghazi / Credit: Maria Spb _ Shutterstock

Sofiane Ghazi, a Montrealer who pleaded guilty to direct her baby to death as the infant was in the uterus, had been sentenced to life in prison, without the prospect of parole for 15 decades. The paragraph has been enforced Wednesday afternoon by Judge jean Francois Buffoni at the Montreal courthouse. This unexpected entrance of guilt, that came around the next day of the jury trial, took everyone by surprise.


The fee of 2nd-degree murder mechanically carries an automatic life sentence. All that remained was to figure out the number of years until he’d be entitled to parole: that the minimum is ten decades. From the Agreed Statement of Facts, it had been shown in court which in July 2017, Sofiane Ghazi had stabbed his wife 19 times, including 12 times at the left side of her abdomen and seven times at the top left thigh.

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Of these quite a few blows having a meat fork, then nine injured the baby within the womb of her mum, that was 36 weeks pregnant during the moment. The autopsy conducted in the infant identified in-utero injury brought on by a sharp thing as the reason behind departure. Providentially, mom survived her injuries. By begging, Sofiane Ghazi avoided an endeavor.

However, then tried to draw his guilty plea than a couple of weeks after. The court had refused this plea withdrawal to continue in March.

Source: Presse canadienne

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