Victoria County NS winner of lotto max ‘This is impossible, this doesn’t happen,’ Raymond Lillington said ‘This can’t be real:’ N.S. man snags $17.4M in his 2nd multi-million lotto win

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The Cape Breton person who obtained $17.4 million in this weekend Lotto 6/49 jack-pot isn’t a stranger into some multi-million dollar trophy.


On Tuesday, The Atlantic Lottery Corp. announced Lillington along with also his spouse Gaye held that the ticket sold in Victoria County which has been Saturday’s jackpot winner values 17,405,149. “This can not be real. That really is hopeless, it will not happen,” Lillington said in a media conference on Tuesday afternoon.”It is still unthinkable.”

‘I thought it was a Joke’

His spouse Gaye explained the very first win was life-changing to your family. She said that her husband went along to look at his ticket. Lillington said he assessed the amounts seven or six days to make sure.”I thought he was kidding me personally, however, once I watched that the look on his head, ” I thought,’Oh that really is real,'” she explained.

Lillington said he chose to play with even with his triumph in 2013, joking that he’d win. However, he said he never envisioned that will actually manifest.”I was overwhelmed when I saw the tickets, more, more so than the very first time, because I had been utterly shocked because I honestly, really, didn’t hope to win,” he explained.”Each of the other days before my original triumph, I had this feeling that I had been going to triumph “

Money spend on family, community

The pair says that they intend to devote the amount of money mostly in their family, which comprises five children and five grandchildren. They also expect to perform some global traveling the moment it’s secure to do that and intend to get a brand new house.”Today everyone can curl up.

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However, Lillington said he hopes to return to his own community.”We are from the little area in Cape Breton and we all now have their very own smaller hospitals and hospitals, plus all of them need assistance,” he explained.”They are there for people we’d love to be there for those too when we are able to.”The winnings have previously helped to conserve the Cape Breton store at which the ticket has been sold. The couple who possesses the Cabot Trail grocery store at Cape North will receive one% of their winnings, roughly $174,000, that will help the owners maintain on the team after a tough year at the event. Lillington said he intends to keep buying tickets.”In case you’ll need the opportunity, you must get a ticket”


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