The Quebec artist filed a complaint with the Montreal police, one month after publicly denouncing the sexual misconduct of host Maripier Morin, Safia Nolin facebook harassment trending on twitter

Safia Nolin Facebook Harassment _ Credit: Safia Nolin / Instagram

In accordance with the info accumulated by the Bureau of Investigation, the singer-songwriter came Thursday into neighbour-hood Station 44, at the Rosemont borough, to match investigators.


The 28-year-old woman allegedly filled a statement to whine about internet surfers whose opinions on societal websites are somewhat like criminal harassment. In accordance with our advice, his document was moved into the Operational Centre – North Division, that will oversee the analysis. “Not everything is enabled on the internet, you can find behaviors which can be legal and liberty of expression won’t protect you personally, especially in regards to repeated behavior,” says Criminal-Lawyer François-David Bernier.

Within an Insta-gram post on July 7, Safia Nolin stated the host and celebrity, that was simply turning 34, supposedly detained her of undesirable improvements and hurtful remarks at a Montreal pub in might 2018. She said she had been humiliated by her. Your afternoon following this novel, Maripier Morin surfaced prior to minding his professional pursuits.

Maripier Morin / Credit: ellequebec

EARLIER THIS MONTH: Maripier Morin admits his wrongs against Safia Nolin

The accusations against Ms. Morin triggered a wave of denunciations by Quebec public figures.

Abandonment of Instagram

At the time Safia Nolin contact SPVM with a complaint, she said that she was with-drawing from the Instagram photo-sharing site.

“I’m getting out of Instagram. Happy August, everyone. Thank you for your support. This platform is making me suffer at this time of year… »

The public release of the Quebec City-born singer earned her a lot of support, but also several violent comments. A check on her Facebook page shows several messages with vexatious and hateful content directly related to the denunciations. “I’ve always hated you” and “rotten earthworm” are among the comments made by the artist’s detractors.

We have voluntarily decided not to publish the most inappropriate comments. Contacted by our Bureau of Investigation, Safia Nolin did not want to comment. The Montreal police refused to confirm this information.

Source: journaldemontreal

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