Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre holds a news conference to respond to the resignation as new Canada finance minister as chrystia freeland salary people asks

New Canada finance minister Christia Freeland / Credit: trnto _ THE CANADIAN PRESS

Chrystia Freeland is now Canada’s new finance minister, the very first woman to have the effective character, CBC News has supported. Freeland, former foreign affairs ministry, is currently deputy prime minister and intergovernmental affairs ministry. Her appointment into the fund article was initially reported by CTV News.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is likely to create modest alterations to his cabinet now after Bill Morneau resigned Monday. The service will occur in Rideau Hall this day. Morneau said he didn’t aim to perform into more than just two election cycles so it’s the ideal time for you to let an original ministry steer Canada during its post-pandemic financial retrieval.

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Both Morneau and Trudeau have been researched by Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion following the fledgling government gave WE Charity a 43.53-million contract to manage a $900 million student grant application despite their own families using close ties into this charity.


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