Not Shy Itzy Releases Music Video, Mini-Album MV イッジ 新曲 and ITZY Shares Stories From Filming “Not Shy” MV, Names Who Fits Their Comeback Concept The Best, And More

Yeji outlined the message of this title track as”Do not be bashful and say yourself with full confidence ” She said that as it had been that the group’s very first romance, they worked tirelessly to reveal fans a brand new side of these. Yuna included,”After I heard this song, I might feel charismatic it had been while additionally using a bright and lively texture. I was very eager to show everybody else a brand new side folks “When asked for his or her comments concerning the ideal portion of”maybe not Heard,” Yeji replied that the band’s performance is something to keep an eye on out for.


Lia consented, adding,”The component of the operation where we proceed collectively in 1 side of the point into another is extremely enjoyable. Additionally, I believe that the bridge of this song communicates our pent-up and increased emotions quite well.”Ryujin and Yuna said they thought the lineup in the chorus,”perhaps not bashful, maybe not,” was the very best part, whilst Chaeryeong replied she thought that the”Breeze snap” and”Sweep sweep” lyrics were memorable. “In case you are interested, please check our tune!” she teased. Continuing to one other path included from the record, not exactly each the members selected”maintain Love” since the song they’re attached with.

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Yeji said,”The tune is actually nice as well as the lyrics are all pretty, therefore I truly would like our fans to listen to it” Lia also stated it had been the song she’d probably the absolute most fun recording. “I presume that it’s really a song where you are able to hear that the members’ voices quite well, therefore that the fans will certainly want it,” she concluded. Chaeryeong chose the song”Surf” because her favorite course, saying that she enjoys every one the monitors, she had the pleasure of using”Surf” as it had been her very first time recording a song with a delightful and adorable vibe. The members were asked concerning the alteration of their looks for the record along with that fit the newest idea. Yeji, Lia, along with Chaeryeong selected Yuna, stating her general look, ability, and voice satisfied their brand new album the ideal. Meanwhile, the Yuna and Ryujin picked Chaeryeong.

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Lia subsequently shared with an intriguing anecdote from whenever they filmed their musicvideo. She said when these were urinating in the vehicle with the windows rolled down, then an excellent deal of dust flew into the vehicle, hence that the members had to stay grinning while pretending to discount dust. “It took me around three weeks to receive my permit,” Yeji explained. Ryujin lamented that even though she got her driver’s permit, she was not competent to push the audio-video as a result of her ensemble. “As my hat had disappeared dangling out of this obstructed my sight. The team thought it might possibly be dangerous, therefore that I was not competent to induce,” she clarified. “I sensed just a little depressed.”

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