Tyler Joseph assault twenty one pilots member, many fans ask what happened to Tyler Joseph and hashtag WeLoveYouTyler is trending on twitter

Tyler Joseph assault Credit: New Africa / Shutterstock

Tyler Joseph twenty one pilots member are accused of assault against an anonymous person who posted a tweet on twitter after he delete it a while ago and people comment ” no one should pass false accusations by social experiment without their consent or proof”

One Person Add : ” you haven’t been active for a while but now is really not the time to be silent. busy or not, i know you will see this when you come on twitter. please speak up about this. if you did, own up to it. if you didn’t, say something. this is an extremely important issue ”


Hashtag WeLoveYouTyler is trending on twitter

Other Fan Said: ” tyler joseph stopped an entire fucking show to kick out a guy assaulting someone. don’t fucking joke about this shit “

Source: Twitter


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