Bluffers Park news lately Young boy was also rescued from the water, police say and brother presumed drowned on a tragic day at Bluffer’s Park

Toronto Police and Toronto Fire Services conduct a water rescue near Bluffer’s Park Beach in Scarborough on August 15, 2020. (CITYNEWS / DAVID PIEDRA)

A 30-year-old man hauled out of the waters off Bluffer’s Park expired in a hospital Saturday night, and also Toronto authorities said that his 23-year-old brother had been assumed drowned following a hunt which also comprised the marine machine, firefighters and many volunteers.


Police-reported on this east-end park 3 times Saturday. At the day, a boy from distress from the water had been faked as well as in good shape, according to authorities, whereas two men that helped him to safety continued non-life-threatening accidents. During that episode, the victim’s brother has not yet been located, both brothers were reported lost close to the Bluffer’s Park shore.

The older brother had been found and rushed into hospital, where he expired. The look for the human body of this younger brother lasted instantly. On a terrible afternoon in Bluffer’s Park, the human body of another person was pulled out of the water in the day.

Source: 680news

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