Lotto max draw winner Vancouver Island resident Kyle Germiquet says he plans on using his winnings to help buy a larger home for his wife and kids

Kyle Germiquet _ Credit: Minerva Studio / Shutterstock

A Chemainus person says he and his wife were left after winning a 500,000 lottery trophy. Kyle Germiquet says he had been on a job trip if he purchased his winning ticket at a Salmon Arm PetroCanada on July 28. Once he learned he’d won a day or two after he hurried to share with his spouse.”She began to shout if I saw I won,” he informed that the BC. Lottery Corporation. “She had been overwhelmed.”


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Germiquet says he sensed the very same way.”I don’t believe it hasn’t really sunk,” he explained. The Chemainus resident claims that he also intends to use his winnings to get a bigger home because of his spouse and kids.”It is fairly bowled,” Germiquet said, “I simply find myself smiling more today.”July 28 has been an auspicious day for Vancouver Island lottery players. At precisely the exact same afternoon, that a Nanaimo woman won 500,000 at a lottery draw. “it’s actually tough to fathom it’s real.”


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