Surfer punches shark After he leaped from his surfboard on to a shark that was attacking his wife, repeatedly punching the animal until it let go, Australian media report surfer shark attack is going viral

Credit: Altrendo Images _ Willyam Bradberry / Shutterstock

Chantelle Doyle, 35, was surfing Shelly Beach in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Even Once the attack took place. Her husband struck the shark before it released its grip and subsequently helped Ms. Doyle into the coast.


Pros hailed by the Port Macquarie News believed Ms. Doyle was mauled by a great white shark up to 3m (10ft) in the span. Surf Life Saving NSW leader Steven Pearce commended the husband – appointed by the press since Mark Rapley – because of his quick actions.”This fella paddled jumped off his plank on into the shark and then struck it for it to discharge and subsequently aided her straight back in the shore,” he said, quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald. “Pretty full-on, very epic.”The bystanders in a spectacle in which left-handed assistance needs to really be commended.

Surfer punches shark area

They did remarkable work,” he explained. He added that it had been the next serious shark strike on that stretch of shore lately.Ms. Doyle has been flown into Newcastle Hospital for operation and was in a reliable state.

Source: BBC

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