Bryce Hall twitter trending after people searsh for bryce hall party video and angry in his action and they comment bryce hall birthday party should cancelled earlier, tiktok room instagram show us the story

Bryce Hall Credit: Michael Vano / Shutterstock

Bryce Hall is in trouble again. Sway House member did another one of his own, and apparently the socials aren’t letting him get away with it. Yesterday the creator celebrated his 21st birthday – his birthday falls on August 14th – with a mega-party involving all his friends. Despite rising coronavirus infections in California, the first U.S. state to exceed 600,000 cases, Bryce and his colleagues set up a new party of hundreds, the third in four days. Bryce’s birthday, however, has surpassed them all.

Rivers of alcohol and boxes of condoms appeared on Instagram in Bryce Hall and Blake Gray’s Stories in the hours leading up to the party, documented by photos and videos that leave little room for imagination. “Bryce Hall is still celebrating its 21st birthday: tonight we have a lot of people on the menu, a stripper and probably the Coronavirus”, writes a user on Twitter, where the first videos of the party the other night are circulating. In the videos you can see Bryce Hall starring in some games with beer cans, hugging his friends, surrounded by a crowd of people. Among the special guests Billy Rock, dancer and stripper who had fun “seducing” with his moves, dressed as a policeman, the young creator. With him, also some lap dancers in underwear, acclaimed by the crowd.

Among the colleagues of Bryce Hall present at the crowded party, strictly without a mask and without respecting social distances, also Avani Gregg, Anthony Reeves, Tayler Holder, Noah Beck, Mads Lewis, Darianka, and Kik Cyr. Absent Addison Rae. “At this point, they’re just asking for hate,” writes a girl under a video posted on Instagram.
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