It’s the kind of thing you see in the movies. For one California police officer, it was just a day on the job.

It’s the type of item you see on movies and series. For-one California police, it had been merely per day to the work. Officer Erica Urrea saw a person at a wheelchair who seemed to become stuck on railway tracks, based on a press release out of her section at Lodi, near Sacramento.


Since the railroad crossing arms started to return, Urrea sprang into activity on Wednesday afternoon, jumping from her patrol car and running following the 66-year-old. Together with all the train’s horn becoming louder, she pulled on off the person from his wheelchair along with off the paths just at the time, ” the section said. And as a result of Urrea’s own body camera, the full rescue, that spanned 4-5 minutes, was captured on video.

From the footage, Urrea runs out of her patrol car and asks the person if he’ll get right up as she awakens to take to and yank him out and outside of this train’s course. Urrea and the person fall backward and again, in just 5 moments — whilst the 2 lies on the bottom — that the train goes by, barely missing. “Officer Urrea risked her life to rescue the next and also her activities prevented a catastrophe now,” the department said in a statement. “We’re pleased with Officer Erica Urrea along with also her heroism.” Authorities haven’t released the identity of this 66-year-old, that suffered a leg injury and had been carried to a hospital.

Source: CNN

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