BLM angry after a video spread on the social media, The boys had reportedly defended themselves with their skateboards but when officers responded, they aimed guns at the teens instead

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The teenagers had complained of a guy who’d supposedly chased them with a knife but if officers responded to the spectacle they supposedly directed their firearms, one which seemed like an assault gun, in the adolescents rather than Subsequent to the deputies received criticism on the web for their activities,



” the Los Angeles County sheriff, in an announcement, said he was worried about the approaches the deputies used through the episode. A video of this episode showed by-standers begging together with the officers to stand as they defended against the teenagers. Some of those bystanders might be heard saying at the clip: “Put down your firearms. They are children ” “I sensed my neck final nearly glamorized it was so disgusting this was happening to him personally,” she told CBS News. “I was crying because I was not there for my own son and that I knew he was fearful, however, he followed all I had instructed him if he got in circumstances that way.” An announcement published by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department explained that deputies during that time we’re reacting to a written report in which”two men Black adults struck on a victim having a walker.”

Nevertheless, the casualty couldn’t be located. The teenagers’ narrative, but was corroborated by witnesses within the spectacle. A watch might be heard mentioned in the video: “I got to the telephone and told me, guys, there exists a man Hispanic outside here pursuing those children using a knife”The dad of one of those arrested angels, Derrick grey, told that the socket his heart hurt after he saw the movie at which his 16-year-old kid had been standing in a gunpoint. “To get him to go through this ordeal at age 16 is unthinkable,” he explained. “I could have potentially missed my son, my son, as somebody called law enforcement to safeguard him instead to be shielded, he had been accosted, and also this will stick to him to the remainder of his life “The groups of these adolescents have stated they are taking a look at therapy selections to their sons to conquer the traumatic episode. Meanwhile, the Santa Clarita’s Mayor Cameron Smyth known for its sheriff’s department to reevaluate its report on this episode and asked for”that the deputy be taken out of the field” impending evaluation. It’s not yet clear that deputy Smyth was speaking to.

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