#FreeTianna: Tianna Arata is a 20-year-old youth activist for Black Lives Matter. She has taken part in and organized peaceful protests in her city of San Luis Obispo, California and others said it’s false imprisonment

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Tianna is currently facing eight charges against her after a demonstration that happened in late July. Her community wishes to acquire the charges dropped using #FreeTianna on Twitter, since they believe she was wrongfully accused. You will find 15 police cars gift, as demonstrated by your video of this detain. Tianna’s arrest has been filmed and uploaded into some online.


Tianna Arata is really a 20-year-old youth activist in San Luis Obispo. On July 21st, 20 20, the San Luis Obispo Police Department detained Tianna at the Conclusion of a five-hour Dark Enforcement Issue protest. The San Luis Obispo PD wants county prosecutors to control Tianna together with five felonies and 3 misdemeanors associated with her July 21 arrest.

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Still, another protestor,” Elias Bautista, was likewise detained following case needed peacefully dispersed. Chief deputy district attorney Jerret Gran reported that law enforcement department is currently advocating an overall total of eight charges contrary to Tianna: four felony counts of false imprisonment; a felony count of conspiracy; a count of resisting or obstructing a peace officer, a misdemeanor; a count of inciting a riot, a misdemeanor; plus a misdemeanor count of criminal assembly.


A Go-Fund-Me was made to pay Tianna’s legal expenses, but just $10,000 of that’ll cover fees. The others go to bond capital for additional social justice activists, in accordance with the site.

The Go-Fund-Me page for Tianna affirms her innocence. It states: “On Tuesday, July 21, 2020, Tianna organized yet another calm protest. The media has reported that the demonstration had been a riot. An automobile windshield had been busted, and also a”child was at the vehicle ” But, there clearly was no kid without a sign that individuals protesting broke the doorway. The press said that protesters threw things at law-enforcement yet this was not the situation.”



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