Nikkie Tutorials YouTuber robbed at gunpoint as burglars target her home, The robbery allegedly took place at 4 pm on August 8

Nikkie de Jager

She composed on Instagram,” Before today, certainly one of my greatest inventories became reality once we got chained beneath gunpoint in our home.” “Mentally, it is really a whole other story,” She said, “I’m writing this message for today to allow you to realize we have been fine’ and secure. Thank you for understanding when I simply take another handful of days .”Sunlight reported several hours ahead of the Insta-gram article that de Jager’s dwelling has been targeted with a bunch of armed thieves, also this certain resident had allegedly been injured. In accordance with the same record, local authorities supported the news headlines in a tweet that read “The perpetrators jeopardized the residents using potentially a firearm and obtained the unknown loot out of their store.


There are three or more perpetrators who pitched at a beige car to the a 50.” A-50 is really a motorway. In accordance with a Dutch site, law enforcement said the prosecution happened at approximately 4 pm, on August 8, also which they certainly were of moderate complexion and so were wearing hoodies. Their automobile windows are allegedly tinted. Cops asked anybody with any advice or anybody who watched the automobile to never do it themselvesbut to telephone the emergency number.

The 26-year-old transgender YouTuber gained internet recognition in 2015 after her YouTube video’s strength of Makeup’ became famous and motivated a great many different videos of folks showing their faces and without cosmetics. NikkieTutorials, right now, has significantly more than 13.5 million readers. She paid 645,000 euros on her residence, where she gained robbed, despite the fact that the selling price was nearly one thousand euros.

On December 20-19, she collaborated with Lady ga-ga, boosting and giving her away cosmetics trademark Haus Laboratories. “that I will boost the aims of the UN from holland”, said 26-year-old De Jager said “I actually do this in my stage to be certain the populace becomes alert to global collaboration and the formation of international legal purchase. It’ll be quite chic.”She stated that throughout her ambassadorship, she’ll concentrate on sex equality and reduced inequalities. “both of these aims are dear for me personally and that I believe I can work with both of these aims and cause change. What I would like to do being an ambassador is talk and also make people conscious of the issues which you can get.”


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