Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion release “WAP” and it is a BOP and kylie jenner on the clip

Facebook: kylie Jenner

We love summer Fridays, particularly when they involve audio. Whilst the clock turned midnight nightly, both renowned female rappers dropped one that’s guaranteed to offer hot lady summertime that a run for the funds. In a meeting with Sexy 96.9, Cardi B talked more on the topic material of this song. “The song is very nasty. The song has ever been dreadful, My writings, as well as the hook, are exactly the same as earlier Megan was still there. Therefore it only ever been a dreadful song and it is like,’ Who is saying more shameful things than Megan?” She explained.

Facebook: kylie Jenner

When contemplating impacts on your song, in regards to Lil Kim’s PlayBook, that uses her sexuality as a weapon.” Between rap poetry from them both, the chorus awakens in Frank Ski’s”There is Some Whore In This home,” by 1993.

Nevertheless, the audio has received backlash from those on Twitter criticized kylie-Jenner’s cameo. The comments have surfaced about you, it is unnecessary, and just two, which it needs to have become a Dark celebrity to additional highlight Dark female excellence.

Twitter being Twitter, people on the stage made Golden Girls celebrity, Betty White, fashion noting that she would have been a superior alternative for the popular video compared to Jenner. Whatever the situation, we have been here to its raunchy lyrics, music video, and promising women’s sexuality. For those who are having issues with this, then simply turn off. We actually don’t want you anyway.

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