Facebook blocked save the children and people slams Zuckerberg for ‘normalizing pedophilia’

Facebook blocked save the children Though no official word has been out on why the hashtag was not working, some people said the hashtag came with some ‘disturbing photos and pages’ on the social media platform save the children blocked

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Mark Zuckerberg is confronting heat yet again as it pertains to blocking important face book Hash-tags. Even though statuses with the hash-tag may nevertheless be published, clicking onto the hash-tag failed to demonstrate any results as detected by users. Sometimes, as mentioned on the Heavy site,” a warning regarding community security rules” appears. Though your website maintained that the”hash-tag could possibly be revived”, it functioned for Heavy, however, many Facebook users ‘ are notification Heavy that the hash-tag continues to be censored to them.

Though no official word was outside on why the hash-tag wasn’t working, a few people said the hash-tag was included using some”bothering photos and pages”. It has been theorized that the hash-tag could have now been auto-censored as a result of photos that were labeled with it after being supposedly reported on such articles. Some times, Hash-tags linked with QAnon are occasionally contained with the #SavetheChildren hash-tag, which might have resulted in the articles getting censored. In might, face-book prohibited several QAnon pages for exploitation, whilst at July face-book was allowing some QAnon political commercials, reports Heavy.

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Anyhow, people online are handling the censoring of this”Save the Children” hash-tag because”unreal” and rebuking Zuckerberg and face-book with it particular. This really isn’t the very first time Zuckerberg will be known for something such as this, throughout the George Floyd protests, his decision never to behave contrary articles from President Donald Trump, at the president dared to commit violence against protesters was heavily criticized.

“Facebook is now censoring posts with the hashtag #SaveTheChildren.Why are they protecting child sex traffickers?”, tweeted a user. Another one tweeted, “#SaveTheChildren has been blocked by Facebook…this is unreal.”

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A few are ridiculing Zuckerberg that he has”unintentionally obstructed the hashtag #savethechildren in the place of child porn floating ” Folks are whining that you’ll find lots of degenerative pages on Facebook that continue to be there and boosting porn. The others have the fact” Facebook has been siphoned a movement focused on stopping the trafficking of kids”.

“Hey @markzucky I think you accidentally blocked the hashtag #savethechildren instead of all that child pornography floating around. Can you put in a help ticket to IT or something since you can’t figure it out maybe they can? Thanks !,” tweeted a user.

journalist Carmine Sabia tweeted that, “Facebook is censoring #SaveTheChildren posts and will not remove a page exploiting underage boys. Hollywood and the rich and powerful are not speaking because they are involved in it. He shared a report where a page called “Cute Boys” that allegedly posts “real criminal activities” kind of messages. The page remains active despite reports and controversies. 

Others are lashing out at Facebook. They tweet that Facebook blocking #SAVETHECHILDREN this is so “f***ed up”. “Facebook blocked #SAVETHECHILDREN this is so f***ed up. CHILD SEX TRACKING IS NOT A CONSPIRACY IT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING! WAKE UP AND LETS CHANGE THIS”, read a tweet.


Disclaimer: This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently. The claims made by way of social media

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