Beirut explosion today Hiroshima Blast in Beirut Was NOT A Nuclear Explosion and ammonium nitrate are not included in Lebanon explosion today

is Beirut explosion today a Nuclear Explosion?
Beirut explosion today _ credit: Razvan Ionut Dragomirescu / Shutterstock

Was the huge burst in Beirut a nuclear burst? No, that is true: A top arms control specialist, assigning pictures of this explosion which struck August 4, 20 20, says”that there are none of the happenings one sees a nuclear explosion” Lebanon’s interior minister Mohammed Fahmi said that it had been allegedly brought on by ammonium nitrate kept from the construction.


The assert looked in a post (archived here) released by Veterans Now on August 4, 2020. ” 2 explosions at Beirut, a traditional headed bomb accompanied closely by a tiny nuclear weapon. The goal is currently verified for a Hezbollah missile storage center” Pictures of this explosion and its wake so on left their way on the web.

Jeffrey Lewis, manager of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, published photographs of this explosion Twitter, revealing it might happen to be a nuclear explosion. He composed:

Lead Stories Achieved to Lewis to Get Additional comments. We’ll upgrade this narrative, as wanted, once he reacts. Neighborhood television channel LBCI reported there were as many as 2,700 tons of captured ammonium at the Port of Beirut storage center.

Ammonium nitrates could be the exact identical chemical applied by American terrorist Timothy McVeigh to construct the truck bomb that destroyed the Oklahoma City federal building on April 19, 1995. In the event the quote is true, the total amount of volatile stuff inside the Beirut burst would be than one thousand times that the ammonium nitrate which killed 168 people in Oklahoma City.

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