Three years after the fall of the strongman Robert Mugabe, the country is in free fall and his successor is clamping down by arresting opposition activists — one false move zimbabwe people start a hashtag on twitter Zimbabwean Lives Matter

Zimbabwean Lives Matter
Credit: Twitter

Because of this, the town’s roads are remarkably forgotten, reports the BBC’s Shingai Nyoka. Citizens have now been cautioned never to get involved in the demonstrations on Friday.


Government officials have accused Western authorities to be supporting the protests.The police have stated that the resistance is being financed by Western diplomats also it has been with the protests to attempt to overthrow the government. Charges that both resistance leaders and diplomats refuse.

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Our correspondent says that the government is worried about the demonstrations and growing public anger within a deepening economic crisis. More troops have already been set up at police roadblocks, that have been set up to apply the four-month-old Covid-19 lock-down, she adds. He’s accused of moving ahead in a questionable looking bargain to purchase goggles and other equipment to drive back coronavirus although not securing the essential approval of Zimbabwe’s procurement enrollment ability. He has not commented on the accusation.

Shops were closed and street almost empty in Harare on Thursday ahead of anti-government protests.Credit…Aaron Ufumeli/EPA, via Shutterstock

After investigative reporter Hopewell Chin’ono was detained after reporting to the initial narrative. Zimbabwe can be fighting with the worst economic disaster in a couple of years. Nurses are on strike, demanding to be paid in US dollars. It’s a significant effect on health: seven babies were stillborn in 1 night in a big hospital due to their mothers failed to secure adequate health attention as a result of the attack.

Zimbabwean Lives Matter hashtag

Source: BBC

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