The group’s new upbeat bop will be released Aug. 21 and fans start a hashtag SECONDCOUNTDOWN on twitter

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Every time BTS releases fresh music, then their fans have decided to violate the band’s previous come back recordings. When it’s YouTube, Spotify, I tunes, or sound cloud, there is absolutely no interpersonal networking platform out there which amuses the ARMY. 1 goal fans are attempting to help BTS reach is that a No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.


They continue getting closer and nearer to it each recovery, now that BTS is publishing a brand new single on August 2 1, their aims toward it’s begun. Listed here is just how exactly to pre-order BTS'”Dynamite” only from the U.S. therefore that it counts to the Billboard charts.

They said that their decision to produce it in English was since they wanted something” totally fresh and new” which could cheer up fans throughout the coronavirus pandemic.”We had a breakthrough over those unforeseen instances, therefore we done this brand new song,” BTS explained. “After we heard and recorded the song we were so energized and also our souls were raised up”Even though it isn’t available yet, the statement has made ARMYs therefore joyful as a come back gives them the opportunity to breakeven more files. Dynamite” would possibly be the song to come from the top, of course, if fans wish to help its own graph positioning, they are able to buy it on its official site. They are able to pre-order the single and its own instrumental variation as MP3 files and preorder a limited variant”Dynamite” vinyl and tape.

There’s a max of four duplicates and 4 downloads each sequence. To help its graph positioning, fans may even buy the song on iTunes and Amazon or flow it on Spotify, YouTube Music, along with Apple Music. Fans may pre-save”Dynamite” on Spotify today to tune in to it straight away. Knowing BTS and also ARMYs’ history of dividing recordings, the group’s next to come back will probably be totally mythical.

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