Park Jin Young Teams Up With Sunmi In Sneak Peek Of Comeback With “When We Disco”

Park Jin Young and sunmi

Park Jin Young has shared a sneak peek for his upcoming comeback, which will feature Sunmi, who was formerly a JYP Entertainment artist as a member of Wonder Girls!


Both Park Jin Young and Sunmi shared the teaser poster, which includes the title “When We Disco” and the release date of 6 p.m. KST on August 12.

Check it out below!

Park Jin Young and sunmi

Park Jin Young return

On July 24, it was reported that Park Jin Young is in the final stages of his album preparations with the goal of making his comeback in August. As he’s completed all recordings, all that’s left is the production of his physical albums.

This is Park Jin Young’s first comeback in eight months after releasing his digital single “Fever” last December.

A representative of JYP Entertainment commented, “It’s true that he’s preparing for his comeback. We will share details soon.”

Park Jin Young has worked with a wide variety of stars for many of his singles, including “Regrets” featuring Heize, “Who’s Your Mama” featuring Jessi, as well as “Parasite” star Jo Yeo Jeong acting in the music video for “Fever.” These previous collaborations are raising anticipation to see if Park Jin Young will be enlisting the help of another top star for this upcoming comeback!

Sunmi Fans Are Excited

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