Lewis Hamilton wins record seventh British Grand Prix despite finishing race with ONLY THREE TYRES and people think he is michael schumacher today

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton scared himself. Starting for the 7th time in pole position, the Mercedes driver spent the whole race in the lead before suffering a puncture on the last lap. The puncture did not prevent him from winning the Silverstone circuit for the 7th time, ahead of Verstappen (Red Bull) and Leclerc (Ferrari). Bottas (Mercedes), who also suffered a puncture, finished 11th.


Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) will certainly remember this success for a long time. Not only because it allowed him to take the 7th victory on his national Grand Prix, which is a new record. But rather because he achieved it on three wheels. At the end of a race that was run from start to finish, but which was disrupted by a series of punctures that he himself suffered, the Briton won at Silverstone on Sunday. He was ahead of Max Verstappen (Red Bull), who had protected himself by diving into the pits after the tire explosion of Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes), who was in second place for a long time. Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) completed the podium.

It was still hard to imagine three laps from the chequered flag, but there was suspense at the very end of the fourth round of the season. In fact, the two Mercedes drivers, who were still well above the fray throughout the race, had reported some tire problems a dozen laps from the finish. Bottas had complained of “vibrations” and we still believed that the Black Arrows were still pessimistic on the front, but that wouldn’t stop the Black Arrows from securing another double.

Hamilton, the Prince of Silverstone

Punctures in a mess

But on lap 50, Bottas found his nose in the grass and the tire delaminated. The “hard” tires didn’t have enough resistance to complete the race and the anxiety spread throughout the field. As is often the case in critical situations, Red Bull immediately took the decision to stop Verstappen. To avoid similar damage. And, above all, to take advantage of the same failure of Hamilton’s front-left. It occurred on the final lap but fortunately for him, the Brit had a large enough margin, over 30 seconds, to cross the line in front. The Dutchman followed him… less than six seconds later.

Source: RT

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