WEATHER ALERT: Tornado warning in effect until 2 p.m tornado warning maine in clay county

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The National Weather Service issued a tornado warning Wednesday Day to the Smithville area, for Example, Northeast Clay County and Also East central Platte County at Missouri. A severe thunderstorm was moving throughout the region around 1:30 pm also it had been effective at producing a secure, the weather agency said. The thunderstorm was located within Smithville and has been moving north at 5 miles. Radar suggested there is a turning happening from the heavens. The caution remains in place until two p.m.Another tornado warning has been issued in 1:55 p.m. for East-central Clay County before 2:30 p.m.


A severe thunderstorm was moving north nearby Missouri City or even Excelsior Springs in 10 mph. Radar suggested there is turning one of the clouds. The weather service said in case a tornado touches down and flying debris will probably be dangerous for those captured without any shield. Additionally, portable homes might be damaged or damaged and damage may occur into windows, roofs, cars, and even trees.

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Everyone was recommended to choose the cover and go on to some basement or an interior room on the bottom floor of solid construction. They’re also recommended to prevent windows.

Source: National Weather

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