Sophie Turner Gave Birth to Her & Joe Jonas’ Baby Girl

A new Jonas baby is here! Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have reportedly welcomed their first child together

Credit: Hannamariah / shutterstock

The second bonus Jonas will be here now! Sophie Turner gave birth to Joe Jonas‘ infant on Wednesday, July 22, in accordance with TMZ. Your website reported Monday, July 27, which the Jonas Brothers manhood and also the Game of Thrones alum became first-time parents later Sophie gave birth to an infant girl at a hospital in Los Angeles a week.

Though news jumped off their maternity in February, neither Joe nor Sophie had supported the headlines. “The couple will be keeping matters very hush however their family and friends are excited to these,” a source Just Jared during the moment. “Sophie has been choosing outfits to wear and off the rug to allow for her body” Before news of her arrival, Sophie was photographed at a playground at Los Angeles at July 16, at which she wore a dark facemask and a black bodysuit with a black and gray flannel tied in her waist, then showcasing her baby bulge. Joe and Sophie wed in Vegas on May 1, 20-19, hours after they attended the 20-19 Billboard Music Awards. The couple held an official service per month after on June 29, 20-19 in France.


Joe is the next of Those Jonas Brothers to Eventually Become a parent. At a March 20-19 meeting with Rolling Stone, Sophie explained why she chose to wed so young. “I had been preparing myself to be unmarried for the remainder of my entire life,” she said during the moment. “I think as soon as you have found the ideal man or woman, you simply understand. I feel as I am much old a soul than I’m old. I feel as I have lived life to understand. I have met enough guys to learn I’ve met women to understand. I actually don’t feel 22.

Congrats into the first time parents!

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