Lawmakers honor Rep. John Lewis before he lies in state at the U.S. Capitol. Lewis, a civil rights icon, served in Congress for more than three decades.

Body Of Congressman John Lewis

Your body of the late Rep. John Lewis is here at the Rotunda of this U.S. Capitol, where he’ll lie in the country since lawmakers pay tribute into this long time Georgia lawmaker and celebrity of the civil rights movement. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a delegation Monday into Joint Base Andrews from Maryland to encircle Lewis’s flag-draped casket. Lewis’s motorcade stopped in Dark Lives Matter Plaza close to the White House since it wound Washington before arriving at the Capitol, in which the late congressman Gets the primary Dark lawmaker to lie in state at the Rotunda. Much like the others given the honor, Lewis’s casket was rested beneath the catafalque assembled for President Abraham Lincoln’s funeral in 1865.


Pelosi and the others are going to attend a personal service at the Rotunda until Lewis’s body has been transferred into the steps about the Capitol’s east side to some people screening, an odd arrangement required since the COVID-19 pandemic has shut the Capitol into the general public. In the Rotunda and outdoors, signs welcomed people having a reminder that pushes could be deemed necessary. The group became friends over both years in Capitol Hill together and Biden’s two terms as president into Barack Obama, the country’s first Black president that awarded Lewis that the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011. Significantly absent from the ceremonies had been President Donald Trump, who openly jousted by Lewis. Lewis formerly called Trump an illegitimate president chided him for stoking racial discord.

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Trump countered by hammering Lewis’s Atlanta congressional district “crime-infested.” Trump said he wouldn’t visit the Capitol, however, Vicepresident Mike Pence is advised to cover his sanity after Monday. Prior to these training, the House passed a bill to set a new federal commission to study states which affect elderly boys and men.”Don’t become lost in a sea of grief. “Our struggle isn’t the struggle of daily, a week, a month, or even perhaps a calendar year, it’s the struggle of life. Never be afraid to make any noise and be great trouble, necessary issue.”The tributes Monday would be the most up-to-date in a sequence of people remembrances for its 80-year-old Alabama native who helped lead the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee at the summit of their civil rights era. The son of sharecroppers, Lewis was one of the first co Riders, a number of younger activists who stopped commercial passenger buses and went throughout the segregated Jim Crow South.

These were attacked and battered at lots of stops on the way, by both taxpayers and governments. He had been head of countless civil rights protesters who attempted to parade from the black-belt city into the Alabama Capitol to require access into the voting booth. Even the marchers completed the travel weeks after under the security of national police, but then-Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace, a vocal segregationist at that moment, refused to fit the marchers once they came in the Capitol.

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Lewis talked of these essential weeks for the remainder of his life because he hastens voting rights while the base of flames and he came back into Selma oftentimes to get commemorations at the Edmund Pettus Bridge, where baton-wielding officials brutalized Lewis as well as also other marchers.”The vote is equally prized. It’s practically sacred,” he explained again and again again. “It’s maybe by far the most effective nonviolent tool we’ve got in a democracy”Lewis crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge to the final time Sunday to some horsedrawn carriage before a vehicle hearse hauled him into the Alabama Capitol, where he put in repose, becoming among those few taxpayers that were simplyn’t a former sheriff to possess this kind of honor. He had been escorted by Alabama state troopers this time around together with Black officers into his positions, along with his casket stood down the hallway from work at which Wallace had peered from his window at the voting rights marchers he refused to match. Lewis already has already established a public funeral at his hometown of Troy, Alabama. He can have an exclusive funeral Thursday in Atlanta’s historical Ebenezer Baptist Church, that King formerly headed.

Source: Abcnews

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