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Black is king beyonce song

The week has barely begun and we already know that it holds strong emotions for us! This is because next Friday (31) we will be presented with a real work of art: Beyoncé’s new audiovisual album. Entitled Black Is King, the project comes to shake up the structures of the pop world and highlight black culture.


As always, the queen of the stages has already given several indications that her newest project will go beyond any and all quality standards of the industry. That’s why we’ve separated everything we can expect from this new hinário.

Shall we check it out?

Inspired by The Lion King: The Gift

As announced by Disney itself, which is responsible for producing the film and will distribute it exclusively, this is an audiovisual project inspired by The Lion King: The Gift album, and is aimed at today’s young kings and queens who are in search of their crowns. “The film is a story for the ages that informs and reconstructs the present. A gathering of shared cultures and generational beliefs. A story of how the most desolate people have an extraordinary present and a future of purpose,” Disney revealed the release of Black Is King. In addition, we can expect The Gift’s multi-track clip to be integrated into the film. Yay!

The official poster

On July 19, Disney released the first official Black Is King poster through social networks. In it, we have a vision of the Earth and the Moon from space while a person floats.

The same scene appears in both the teaser and the movie trailer. In addition, the image is being distributed and aired in several places in the United States, on billboards.

Check it out:

Special participations

Besides the many African artists who take part in The Gift and who are likely to make faces at Black Is King, some of the faces that have already been confirmed are very well-known. That’s them: Tina Knowles, Jay-Z, Kelly Rowland, Lupita Nyong’o and Naomi Campbell. Some heavyweight team, huh?

It’s also possible that besides these, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Pharrell Williams appear there, after all, they sing with the queen on the album destined for the live-action of The Lion King.

Unpublished songs?

As much as Black Is King was first announced as a movie and then as “a new audiovisual album by Beyoncé,” it’s still not very clear whether or not there will be new songs on the project. It seems that the film will feature the video clip of some tracks from The Lion King: The Gift, such as Already, Brown Skin Girl, and My Power. However, as already announced, it will have more than an hour of duration – which is a lot! So get ready, as Beyoncé can come up with a brand new tracklist and countless breathtaking music videos!

Already video clip

Last week, a Chinese app supposedly leaked Already’s clip, a track released at The Gift just over a year ago. However, even though part of the video is still circulating on the internet, many fans believe it’s a “purposeful leak” as part of a marketing strategy to publicize the new project – after all, it’s nothing new to anyone that Beyoncé keeps his projects at seven keys, right?


With its opening date set for July 31st, Black Is King promises to arrive to shake up the structures of the recording industry – and of course, make Beyhive happy. Unfortunately, the film will be distributed by Disney+, which has not yet arrived in Brazil. However, there are still hopes that a possible partnership of Beyoncé with digital platforms or broadcasters will end up making our dream of watching the release first-hand come true.

The Song Already Leaked

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