An Internet user wrote, ‘It is obvious now that people like Jon Voight are just teasing the rest of us for whatever reason, attention, perhaps’

Jon Voight and donald trump

President Donald-trump retweeted an eccentric religious video published by actor Jon Voight in service of his 20 20 presidential effort.”Religion and Trust,” that the 81-year-old conservative celebrity wrote alongside a 95-second video which said God multiple days on his Twitter account earlier this past week. From the clip, that manipulates faith all through, Oscar-winning Voight encouraged Americans to re-elect Trump from November, asserting”leftwing behavior” was ruining the state.


Trump retweeted the video at the early hours of Sunday afternoon, adding: “many thanks to Jon! “America, abide by this truth, no one will knock you down. Begone with noise which does not have any issue. Jericho provides forth a nod that educates them to lose their swords and reveal who is the hero,” Voight said.

“Our talented America will sing her song was honor and pride, no male or female can destroy God’s creation, because of this property is our life and also our best personalities shielded this symbolism together with blood tears and sweat, with all hands which constructed this globe of her bliss, with her ethics with her wisdom.” also to possess remaining wing behavior, abandoned wing threat, ruining this state, He won’t allow, as my fellow Americans,” God the Almighty gave this to us so we as a culture with our greatness has to return and we will protect the united states together with God, and who understands this Liberty has to protect also.”Let’s protect this gorgeous nation. Why don’t we give back? We shouldn’t simply take for granted this breath we breathe, as without God’s love we would not be this. Therefore return trust and faith “

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Then added: “And remember this November, we must vote to keep President Trump in office, therefore they could take the flashlight with this property of free, along with my beloved friends, Donald Trump could continue to keep her fire alive and he’ll protect the USA.”Trump on Sunday also discussed another movie Voight published in June by which he encouraged Americans to possess their”ballots ready” to vote Trump, who he said was that the sole person” who’ll save this state’s pride”The retweets motivated Voight’s name to fad about Twitter ancient Sunday, with a few asserting Trump was again pulling his”star power” out of despair.

“Donald Trump has three degrees of despair,” Palmer Report tweeted, adding it had been”panic,” absolute dread” and also”start retweeting incoherent videos of Jon Voight” level anxiety.”

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The others criticized Voight’s aid of Trump, together with celebrity Elias Toufexi’s writing: “I spent a fantastic quantity of time together with Jon Voight. He had been a kind person and especially pleasant for me personally. I wish him well. I, however, can’t sanction his aid of Trump who’s really a scarcely sentient purse of moldy apples that are stereotypical “

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