The 49-year-old also denied the claims that he, Heard and Cara Delevingne were involved in a threesome

Elon Musk and amber heard

In an interview with The New York Times on Saturday, July 25, that the SpaceX creator additionally failed to accept the allegations he personally, Heard, also version Cara Delevingne were included in a threesome. While embarking on the three-dimensional tryst, he stated, “We failed to need the three-some, you realize. I presume people think these matters are ordinarily more salacious than they’re.” A residue from the good friend and former thief has earlier maintained that the 49-year-old had a fantastic time together with Heard and Delevingne in Depp’s Los-Angeles penthouse in late 20-16 following the Aquaman’ actress split up out of the 57-year-old alist celebrity.


Musk’s name arrived at the continuing blockbuster legal play in London, where Depp is suing sunlight for calling him a”wifebeater”. Heard has now accused that the pirates of the Caribbean’ celebrity of domestic violence throughout their union. She filed for divorce later obtaining a restraining order against Depp in 2016.

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However, the Edward Scissorhands’ celebrity has denied the allegations and instead accused that the 34-year-old celebrity to be savage throughout their wedded life. After Musk was inquired about the volatile ongoing legal event, he said he wanted Depp and Heard to forget and forgive. “To the both of these, I’d recommend they bury the hatchet and proceed,” that the Tesla billionaire told the paper. “Well, yeah I expect he recovers from that circumstance,” Musk added.

Nevertheless, that the Tesla CEO whined if he had been asked regarding a text delivered to Lady ga-ga’s ex-fiancee Christian Carino from Depp by which the Lone Ranger’ superstar

In another of those messages shown ahead of the High Court at London on July 10, Depp supposedly told Carino, “I will show him things he has never seen before just like the other hand in his Id **k once I slit off it .” Anyway, the celebrity also reportedly wrote: “She is begging for total worldwide humiliation…She is gonna receive it…she sucked Mollusk’s jagged Id k and he also gave her as–t attorneys…that I don’t have any mercy, no fear along with perhaps not an ounce of emotion, or even exactly what I thought was love with this particular gold-digging, very low flat, dime a dozen, mushier, needless bending overused flappy fish marketplace “Along with most of the Depp and Heard drama, Musk also discussed his family as in-may he welcomed his eldest child, and with his girlfriend Grimes.

The new dad said that the 32-year-old Canadian performer has got a”much larger role” in caring for their kid, whom they’ve named X Æ A-Xii. Terming babies as”simply eating and pooping machines”, he explained,”At this time there’s not much that I could do” “Grimes features a far larger role than me now. After the little one gets old, there’ll soon be a task for me personally,” Musk added.

Source: NewYork Times

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