50 Cent has shared his own service Kim Kardashian after her announcement husband Kanye West after his tweets overran the net before this past week.

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Kanye — who was open about his bipolar — afterward took to societal networking in the times after and shared erratic and troubling tweets that referenced his spouse claiming he’d been attempting to divorce for a year’. After Kim published a statement encouraging her spouse and calling ‘compassion’,” 50 has supported the reality celebrity, calling her’very understanding’.


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The 45-year-old rapper took to Instagram to share with you a statement from Kim while also having a swipe Kanye. In Da Club hitmaker 50 captioned his article ‘this is trendy she is being very understanding because man is bugged out. The rapper had addressed beyond Kanye tweets by that he alleged Kim was hoping to’lock up him’, writing:’oh sh*t, fool you almost killed your girl. ♂️your spouse knows the finest sit you are too down. Joyful wife joyful life. (sic)’ In regards to Kanye’s opinions at his rally indicating Harriet Tubman’ did not spare the slaves’,” in addition, he chimed in, hammering it upon mum’s former collaborator jay z. In Kim’s announcement yesterday, she clarified Kanye as a brilliant but complicated man’, also talked about his bipolar disease publicly for the very first time. She wrote:’As most of you understand, Kanye has the bipolar disease. Anybody with this or has someone you care about in their own life knows just how incredibly complicated and debilitating it’s to comprehend.


I have never talked openly about the way it’s influenced us in the home because I’m very protective of our youngsters and Kanye’s right to privacy in regards to his wellbeing.’ But now, I feel as I have to discuss it due to the misconceptions and stigma regarding emotional wellness. The ones that know mental disease or even cerebral behavior are aware that your family is helpless unless the penis is a little.

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Individuals who are oblivious or much taken out of this adventure might be judgmental rather than know that the average person themselves needs to take part in the practice to growing assistance however hard relatives and friends decide to try. ‘I know Kanye is susceptible to criticism because he’s a public figure and his activities occasionally can create strong feelings and opinions. He’s a fantastic but complicated man who, also in addition to the pressures of as an artist and also a dark man, who also underwent the debilitating loss of his mother and also it has to take care of the isolation and pressure that’s improved by his own bipolar disease.

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