Skin-Care Routines specialist thinks tiana face is the best

There’s always something fascinating to learn from a celebrity’s skin-care routine. From the different moisturizers and cleansers they use to the number of steps they take to get glowing skin, I love it all. Though I never thought I’d say the same about animated stars, Disney princesses to be specific, a TikTok-famous skin-care specialist has convinced me otherwise. TikTok user @skincarebyhyram, who’s known for his funny skin-care tips and reactions on the platform, imagines what Disney princesses’ skin-care routines would look like in real life in a series of TikTok videos, and I can’t stop laughing at his accurate predictions.


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Whether they obsess over their beauty routines or are simply born with flawless skin, Disney princesses are blessed with clear, silky-smooth complexions without a hint of a blemish. Hyram breaks down his thoughts on what some of your favorite Disney princesses’ daily steps might look like, in a three-part series, with more to come. For each princess, he suggests what products they might use, whether they take their skin seriously, and if their fellow friends would seek skin advice from them. (Spoiler alert: according to Hyram, you can always trust Tiana’s recommendations because we know she has very high standards!)

Each set to the catchy tune of the “Sofia the First Theme Song,” Hyram’s Disney princess reviews don’t hold back, as the skin-care specialist hilariously reveals which characters seem super skin-care savvy and which probably aren’t as dedicated to their routines. “Aurora has a good skin-care routine, but honestly, she falls asleep with her makeup on so much that she doesn’t get a chance to use it,” he explains in one video. Pocahontas is the “queen of a zero waste skin-care routine,” and Tiana “doesn’t need products that give you an instant result because she understands that with hard work and patience, you will get really good skin,” according to another video. For more amusing tidbits, watch all three parts ahead, and see if you agree with his takes on which princesses might’ve had the best (or worst) regimens.

Source: TIKTOK

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