Monomaniacal diets consist of basing one’s diet on the consumption of a single food at will in order to hope to achieve rapid weight loss.

This type of dieting had also caused the craze among dieters in that the concept, at first glance appealing, promised quick results in record time. Examples of such diets are the pineapple diet, the banana diet, the apple diet, the cabbage soup diet, and so on.


However, this diet does not hide its flaw: a highly unbalanced and deficient diet. On the other hand, this diet exposes its followers to devastating compensatory impulses which, uncontrolled, will lead them to want to eat something else, in large quantities to “compensate” for their appetite.

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Hélène Tinevez, the dietician at Roscoff’s thalassotherapy center, even warns of the dramatic consequences that this type of diet can have on the body and mind of its followers. Not only do practitioners of this diet expose themselves to weight gain and a yo-yo effect, but also to psychological repercussions if this dangerous diet, which seems easy to follow, fails. According to this expert, “not feeling capable of succeeding in a method sold as easy can gnaw at our insides”.

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