You can’t dream about the 1 kilo a day…

Many of us want to lose weight for different reasons: to improve our health, to fit into a nice old pair of jeans and a top, to feel better about ourselves, … Only, you have to know that not all diets are good for our health. Far from it.


Today, we hear about diets every day… directly or through the media. From magazine covers to TV commercials, to promising phrases about diets, products and miracle solutions for rapid weight loss. Practically everything in our daily lives leads us to believe that we should improve our physical appearance, so many people are willing to do anything to achieve their ideal.

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In this journey towards the perfect body, however, there are certain diets that are better not to follow at the risk of doing more harm than good. These diets are The drastic diets, monomaniacal diets, and the water diet.

The draconian diet / credit: Syda Productions _ Shutterstock
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