Elon Musk may be in trouble as The staff claimed that they saw no signs of domestic violence to Heard’s face after Depp allegedly threw a mobile phone at her

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Building staff members of Los Angeles Penthouse where Johny Depp and Amber Heard used to live have suggested that the cuts and bruises to Heard’s face were given by Elon These bombshell statements have been made by Alejandro Romero and Trinity Esparza, who worked at the apartment block where the 57-year-old actor used to live with his ex-wife in


Both the staff members have claimed in sworn video statements that they saw no signs of injuries on the 34-year-old’s face after Depp allegedly threw a mobile phone at her on May 21 as they argued over the “defecation incident” after Heard’s 30th party in April 2016.

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Esparza, who is the owner of the concierge company at the exclusive Eastern Columbia Building, said she saw the ‘Aquaman’ actress throughout the week following the alleged phone hurling assault and Heard, who was makeup-free, had no cuts and bruises to her face.

Elon Musk visited Amber Heard ‘night after night’ in April and May 2016 as her marriage to Johnny Depp collapsed, according to a concierge who works in the building where the Hollywood actor had a penthouse / Credit: Amber Heard _ Twitter

However, on May 27 that year, Esparza saw the actress “had a red cut underneath her right eye and red marks by her eye”. The concierge company owner also claimed that on June 4, two weeks after Depp left the penthouse, she saw more injuries on Heard, including a bruise on her left cheek and two on either side of her neck in the shape of fingers and “little less than quarters in size”. Esparza was when questioned by the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ star’s legal team asking where Depp was during this period, she replied, “Out of the country.” She was also asked whom Heard interacted with during the time, Esparza said, “Elon Musk”, reported the Daily Mail.

Depp’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, reportedly said: “Johnny Depp left the country after Ms. Heard’s most notorious abuse hoax where she claimed he threw a cellphone into her eye. Yet 14 days later, the head concierge at the construction testified she noticed Ms. Heard with a bruise beneath her other eye, finger-shaped bruises on her throat, and a bandaged arm. It used to be Elon Musk who had been coming up to Mr. Depp’s penthouse throughout his 14 days absence.”

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Besides, Romero, the building’s security officer, said in his statement that Musk used to visit Heard late at night “several times a week” while Depp was not at home. The actor was reportedly shooting at the time, which prompted the staff to speculate whether Heard and the SpaceX CEO had an affair. In his testimony, Romero also said either on the Monday or Tuesday after the alleged attack, Heard asked him to come with her to the penthouse as she feared To which, he agreed, and “throughout this interaction, Mr. Romero stated he obtained ‘a full shot’ of [her] face”, and he did not notice cuts or bruises. “‘We watched the news and we saw the photos. and the next morning I saw her, I was like, ‘Come on, really?

In the footage Heard can be seen cozying up to Musk as they ride the elevator at the luxury LA complex. elon can been seen in one image draping his arms around Heard, who appears to be wearing just a swimsuit and a towel / Source: dailymail

Both the staff members’ testimonies are due to current at the High Court this week as part of Depp’s libel declare towards The Sun over allegations that he is a “wife-beater”. In addition to Esparza and Romero, Melissa Saenz, a police officer who attended the LA penthouse after the alleged incident, has additionally stated she “did now not see any injuries”, A concierge recognized as Cornelius Harrell, who used to be working on the front desk in the afternoon after the alleged assault on May 21, additionally testified that Heard “did now not have cuts, bruises, swelling, or scratches on her face”. Harrell additionally reportedly thinking that how “beautiful, radiant and refreshed” the 34-year-old looked.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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