Scientists have already seen the differences between the sexes, but what about this vital organ?

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On the outside, the distinctive signs between men and women are visible. But what about on the inside? We already know that there is a difference in size between certain vital organs and certain bones. But what about the main human muscle: the heart? Some studies say that the male heart is different from the female heart. But what about it?

Most cardiological studies are conducted on male subjects: cardiac resistance, physical exercise, etc. While a man’s heart is shaped in the same way as a woman’s, the bodies, strengths, and resistance are quite different. Science has always mistakenly believed that male and female heart diseases are treated in the same way.

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Anatomically speaking, the hearts of men and women are similar. Nevertheless, there are some differences. The first one concerns height and weight: women’s hearts are slightly smaller and lighter (250 g compared to 300 g for men).


Another difference was noticed in the arteries. These are thinner in female subjects. Similarly, a female heart will beat faster than a male heart: respectively 78-82 beats for women against 70-72 beats for men.

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